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Fingušt Meat Company started in 1988 when our first meat shop was opened. Over the years we have grown into a Meat Processing Company dealing with a full range of meat and meat products. We also run six of our own meat shops. Fingušt Meat Company has a modern, up to date technology for processing of meat, employing 35 workers.


mesarstvo fingust   mesarija fingust
Fingušt Meat Company as it once was and today.


Preparation and processing of meat is supervised by the respective veterinarian authority. All phases of the meat production are included in internal control systems, implemented by  HACCP in IFS standards. Only few of the meat processing companies in the region have their production compliant with the IFS Standard, allowing Fingušt Meat Company to assure the customer quality and safety as well as traceability of sold meat and meat products.

We offer a wide range of fresh meat, semi-prepared meat and a full program of quality meat products. We deliver daily all over Slovenia and Croatia to several hundred customers, among them well known retail store chains, canteens, restaurants and hotels, etc.

Our goal is to become even more flexible, so we can at any time respond to customer demands with high quality products at a fair price.

Thank you to all of our customers!